Mundstücke aus Ebonite - Schönberger Ebonite Manufaktur GmbH
Rundstäbe aus Ebonite - Schönberger Ebonite Manufaktur GmbH
Rundstäbe aus Ebonite - Schönberger Ebonite Manufaktur GmbH
Rundstäbe aus Ebonite - Schönberger Ebonite Manufaktur GmbH

Schönberger Ebonite Manufaktur GmbH Production of worldwide unique ebonite and hardrubber products

Ebonite / Hardrubber with unique material

Our ebonite is a natural product without chemical additives, food graded by the Fresenius Institut, Germany.

It offers a noble ligneous look and feel, a beautiful visual appearance and a warm touch. Our ebonite exhibits a fantastic polishing, machining and processing properties.

Our company provides a worlwide unique variation of uni, marbled and 8-swirled colored rod-, profile-, and plate-material.

Companies and artists from all over the world use our material for industrial, practical, artistitic and musical application, as well as the high-end design segment.

In addition our factory produces shaped articles like ebonite-picks, door-handles or products specifically on customer request.

Our ebonite is used in the music- and penindustry, for pipestems, cigarette holders, interior-design and pistol grips as well as rifle stocks.

Within the musicindustry it is used for fingerboards, chin rests, chevalets, flutes and headjoints, clarinettes and clrinette-mouthpieces, saxophone- andtrumpetmouthpieces aswell as oboes.

In addition it finds high appreciation as basematerial for handles, jewellery, high quality boardgames, walking sticks and other creative applications.

Due to the its special properties (saltwater-, lye- and acid resistance, non-conducting, high stability compared to its density, high surface slip, abrasion resistance) it is also used for the lining of tanks, silos and pipelines, coating of drums and cylinders, in the electrical-, marine- and medical technology, in the mechanical- and pump engineering, in the optical and many other areas.

Should you have any question in regard to our unique material, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide our machining and processing advises. Please feel free to discuss color combinations aswell.

Orders can be placed via e-mail, phone or our webshop. There are no minimum quantities. Every order will be processed.

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