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eboDUST EBODUST / Hardrubber dust

For our hardrubber dust we only use natural caoutchouc (Crepe no.1), linoil and sulfur. Afterwards the 100% vulcanized hardrubber is grinded to our fine dust via a special friction method.

Only this method enables us to guarantee the outstanding quality of our dust as a filling material for hardrubbercompounds. In contrast to other grinding methods this procedure does not only secure a very fine dust, but also a geometrical structure of the dust particle which enables a mechanical interlocking of the material.

This exclusive dust is the foundation for the unique surface quality of our ebonite.

Our standart qualities are: HRD 100mμ, HRD 120mμ, HRD 140mμ and HRD 160mμ. They differ in regard to the particle size. Special sizes on request are possible.

Applications of EBODUST

EBODUST is the ideal filling material for rubbercompounds for the production of:

  • Moulded itmes with increased acoustic, haptic, optical, electrical, mechanical, chemical and medical requirements
  • Electrical and electronical insulators
  • Multiple component articles, seals and valves
  • Chemical resistant coatings and linings (e.g. anticorrosive coating, tank-, pipeline- and mountinglinings and –coatings, ocatings for waltzes e.g. paper-industry)
  • Ship- and machine construction
  • Medical technology

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